Kyle Kazak’s Reviews

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“I had the pleasure to work with the team at Deploy, this team is the most hard-working and ambitious group of people I’ve worked with. They did not disappoint in taking my company to the next level. I also loved how creative and seamless the whole process was. Overall a great experience.”

— Taryn Himes Jackson Owner @ Amazingly Slimmer


“Kyle and the team at Deploy provide expertise and guidance into the ‘world of internet-based marketing’ that removes the mystery and language that is not familiar to many in dentistry. Patient acquisition is an ongoing growth strategy required by almost every practice, and Deploy provides a very clear accounting of calls generated by a specific targeted strategy. There has always been somewhat of a black hole around the messaging format that focuses on procedures, price points, and content specific to a demographic. Therein lies the talent behind the strategic approach that separates Deploy from the rest of the Pack. We were blown away by the patient acquisition cost and the reasonable engagement fee. I have been involved with many other marketing vendors, and they are not in the same league as Deploy in my experience.”

— Dr. Steven Chase Owner @ Marin Dental Care


“Kyle Kazak exceeded all my expectations! He created a slick looking website. The site was so simple in design but had everything organized perfectly. Thanks again!”

— Gina Henson VP Finance @ W.L. Butler Construction


“Kyle, Thanks for your great work! Think about this… Both of us should be laughing all the way to the bank. Enjoy your coffee. Ain’t it cool how mental giants think alike.”

— Sherrill Brown Owner @ SpotaJava Coffee