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Have you ever wondered how long is a furlong or how to convert furlongs to other distances like miles, feet, yards or meters? If so, Kyle Kazak has taken the time to assemble a sortable Furlong Distance Calculator that covers workout and race distances ranging from 2—12 furlongs.

A furlong is a unit of distance that’s equal to an eighth (1/8) of a mile, 660 feet, 220 yards or about 201 meters

04.00 furlongs0.5000 miles2640 feet0880 yards0804.67 meters
04.50 furlongs0.5625 miles2970 feet0990 yards0905.26 meters
05.00 furlongs0.6250 miles3300 feet1100 yards1005.84 meters
05.50 furlongs0.6875 miles3630 feet1210 yards1106.43 meters
06.00 furlongs0.7500 miles3960 feet1320 yards1207.01 meters
06.50 furlongs0.8125 miles4290 feet1430 yards1307.59 meters
07.00 furlongs0.8750 miles4620 feet1540 yards1408.18 meters
07.50 furlongs0.9375 miles4950 feet1650 yards1508.76 meters
08.00 furlongs1.0000 miles5280 feet1760 yards1609.35 meters
08.50 furlongs1.0625 miles5610 feet1870 yards1709.93 meters
09.00 furlongs1.1250 miles5940 feet1980 yards1810.52 meters
09.50 furlongs1.1875 miles6270 feet2090 yards1911.10 meters
10.00 furlongs1.2500 miles6600 feet2200 yards2011.68 meters
10.50 furlongs1.3125 miles6930 feet2310 yards2112.27 meters
11.00 furlongs1.3750 miles7260 feet2420 yards2212.85 meters
11.50 furlongs1.4375 miles7590 feet2530 yards2313.48 meters
12.00 furlongs1.5000 miles7920 feet2640 yards2414.02 meters
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3 comments on “Furlong Distance Calculator

  1. Kyle:
    At what distance in furlongs is the stretch call in races 6 1/2 to 7 1/2 furlongs? In the following example, at what distance is the 7 9/14 lengths out recorded?

    ST 1C 2C Str Fin
    7 8 6 3/4 8 8 3/4 7 9 1/4 9 12 1/4

  2. Ruth,

    Using 0.33 to represent 1/3 of a furlong, that would be represented as 0.0412501 miles, 217.8 feet, 72.6 yards, or 66.39 meters. I know the math is a bit messy but 1/3 of a furlong isn’t too common of a measurement.

    I hope that helps.


    Kyle Kazak

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